How is the State Information Commission constituted ?

How is the State Information Commission constituted?

The State Information Commission will be constituted by the State Government through a Gazette notification. It will have one State Chief Information Commissioner (SCIC) and not more than 10 State Information Commissioners (SIC) to be appointed by the Governor.

Oath of office will be administered by the Governor according to the form set out in the First Schedule.

The headquarters of the State Information Commission shall be at such place as the State Government may specify. Other offices may be established in other parts of the State with the approval of the State Government.

The Commission will exercise its powers without being subjected to any other authority.

"UIC has been constituted by the state government through its official gazette notification (No. 253/XXII/2005-1/(20)2005 dated Oct 3 , 2005)"

"The headquarter of Uttarakhand Information Commission has been established at Dehradun through gazette notification (No. 307/XXII/2005-1(20)2005 dated Dec 13, 2005)"

What is the eligibility criterion and what is the process of appointment of State Chief Information Commissioner/State Information Commissioners?

The State Chief Information Commissioner and the State Information Commissioners shall be appointed by the Governor on the recommendation of a committee consisting of -
i. the Chief Minister, who shall be the Chairperson of the committe;
ii. the Leader of Opposition in the Legislative Assembly; and
iii. a Cabinet Minister to be nominated by the Chief Minister

The State Chief Information Commissioner and the State Information Commissioners shall be persons of eminence in public life with wide knowledge and experience in law, science and technology, social service, management, journalism, mass media or administration and governance.

The jurisdiction Uttarakhand Information Commission extends to all offices of the Government of Uttarakhand

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